Tri Axle Door Type 'A' Side Tipper 'Hard-lite'
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The RWT Hard-lite trailer, manufactured by RoadWest, stands as a flagship model renowned for its durability and versatility. With a reputation for reliability, it has become the go-to choice for transporting goods across various terrains and distances.

• Fully fabricated in Australia
• Manufactured using best quality SSAB (Quench and Tempered - Swedish Steel) - consistent quality for longer life.
• Fully welded chassis and body – for added strength and minimal corrosion impact.
• Body structure provides excellent impact damage resistance.
• Body shape prevents product hang up when tipping.
• Hydraulic circuit includes 25 micron filter to keep the system performing at maximum.
• Door always opens before tipping ensures maximum safety.
• Hydraulic rotary flow divider provides even hydraulic supply to each end of bin , to prevent damage to structure.
• Tare weight advantage over similar size trailers with same body materials.
• Trailer sizes available up to 100T single units.

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