Patent policy

Patents and registered designs and copyright statement and policy 

RoadWest prides itself on its Research and Development (R&D) program, using up to date technology to design its trailers for best performance, reliability and endurance, ensuring that Roadwest trailers will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  Roadwest consistently delivers products that exceeds their expected lifetime under punishing conditions that are encountered in the real world.

Thorough R&D and engineering is an expensive exercise,but it delivers a product  to the customer, that ultimately pays for itself many times over.  A properly engineered trailer will outlast a poorly built trailer, giving a longer life with less downtime due to component failure, paying dividends to the owner and operator in better productivity and efficiency.

RoadWest takes intellectual property  seriously. As part of RoadWest’s  R&D strategy, RoadWest  has embarked on a program to protect  its intellectual property, applying for patents and registered designs covering various trailers and aspects of their construction.

RoadWest is the owner of Australian patents 2005220210, 2008202496 and 2008202497, New Zealand patent 542845, Australian patent applications 2010201760 and 2012903007, International patent application PCT/ AU2012 / 001244, and Australian registered designs 316939, 316940, 316941, 342001, 342002, 342025, 346960, 346961, 346962, 346963, 346964, and design applications in the Peoples’ Republic of China, 201330009813.3 and 20130009857.6.

RoadWest will not hesitate to take legal action to protect its intellectual property from copiers and counterfeiters.